Saving time and money for smart business owners.


We are a team of travel procurement professionals and each member of our team is dedicated to providing you the very best in service and solutions.  Because our company is an independently owned and operated member of the UNIGLOBE organization, you will always have access to the decision maker.  Owners understand what business Owners need so customization of your program and services is easier and faster. 


Travel cost consultation

If you’re a business owner or procurement/finance executive, you’ll start by taking advantage of our free travel management consultation.  We specialize in helping companies get the most from their travel spend with a track record of delivering savings of up to 20%. 


Reporting for better control

Gain better control and planning support through ‘UNIGLOBE Reporter’.  You can request custom reports to aggressively manage your travel supplier contracts, track compliance of travel and procurement policies and make better purchase decisions for optimum cost containment. “When you book is now as important as what you book” in controlling costs.


Travel Tools

Your staff can enjoy a 50% time savings over traditional travel research and booking processes with our powerful online tool, ‘UNIGLOBE Online Booking Tool’. A complete trip management system, it is your secure portal for all things travel including reporting and it comes complete with automated policy compliance features so your company  “approved” options are always in view.  


Dedicated Client Services

What makes UNIGLOBE Travel different is our dedicated procurement and travel services team who are assigned to you to support your on-going needs, including reporting and supplier negotiations.