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 Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, captivates with its romantic bridges and scenic waterways. The city's architecture showcases its rich cultural heritage. The historic centre, at the foot of a hill topped by the iconic Ljubljana Castle, is compact and easily explored on foot or by bike. Surrounded by lush landscapes, the city offers abundant opportunities for hiking, cycling, and outdoor activities.


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Police: 113
Emergency telephone for ambulance, fire & rescue: 112
Traffic information — AMZS Road Assistance (Automobile Association of Slovenia): 1987


The Slovenia Times:


The majority of shops in the city centre of Ljubljana are open between Monday and Friday from 8.00am to 7.00pm, Saturday from 8.00am to 1.00pm.

The shopping centres at the city’s outskirts are open between Monday and Saturday from 8.00am to 9.00pm, Sunday from 8.00am to 3.00pm.




Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre (TIC)
Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 2, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 306 1215
Open October through May: Mon–Sat 8am–6pm, Sun 8am–3pm; June through September: daily 8am–9pm.


riverside buildings in Ljubljana Ljubljana Tourism


Ljubljana, nestled halfway between Vienna and Venice, is a city where diverse historic and cultural influences converge, echoing elements of both these iconic cities. This picturesque town, brimming with romantic allure, boasts an ancient city centre that's easily navigable on foot. The architecture here is profoundly shaped by the renowned Jože Plečnik, whose work has left an indelible mark on his city of birth, much like Gaudí's impact on Barcelona. Ljubljana's landscape is also adorned with medieval, Baroque, and Secessionist touches. The city's most iconic symbol, the dragons of the Dragon Bridge, stand guard over the town.

Ljubljana exudes a laid-back, Mediterranean vibe, evident in the abundance of outdoor cafés, particularly along the Ljubljanica riverbanks, where people gather to unwind and soak in the views. The ancient city centre is a hub of constant activity, offering a rich cultural scene year-round, including numerous events. The warmer months bring free concerts, street performances, and various festivities.

The city's culinary scene is exceptional, blending traditional recipes, locally-sourced organic produce, Mediterranean influences, and modern techniques from local chefs. Slovenian wines, known for their distinct natural flavours, are also a highlight.

Situated at the heart of Slovenia, Ljubljana is a gateway to the country's natural wonders and famous landmarks, such as Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, the Slovenian Alps, the Karst region, and the coast of the Gulf of Trieste — all within easy reach.

Ljubljana Tourism

Do & See

Ljubljana is a picturesque city whose image is the product of various historical periods, though it has been marked most notably by the creations of the architect Jože Plečnik. It is distinguished by Ljubljana Castle located on the hill above the city, the Ljubljanica with its wondrous bridges and romantic banks, as well as testimonials and numerous stories from its rich and abundant past accompanying you with every step.

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Plečnik’s Ljubljana

Mostphotos/Visit Ljubljana

Dragon Bridge

B. Kladniik/Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana Cathedral

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

River Ljubljanica & Its Bridges

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Prešeren Square

B.Jakše and S.Jeršič/Visit Ljubljana

National & University Library of Slovenia

M. Paternoster/Visit Ljubljana

City Museum of Ljubljana

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

National Museum of Slovenia

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

National Gallery of Slovenia

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Museum of Modern Art

MSUM/Visit Ljubljana

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM)

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana Zoo

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Tivoli Park

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

The Roman City of Emona

Slovene Ethnographic Museum/Visit Ljubljana

Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Egon Kase/Visit Ljubljana

International Centre of Graphic Arts

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Town Square & Town Hall

J. Bavcon/Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana Botanical Garden

Around Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a city where nature is always close at hand. In some areas, a mere 10-minute walk will take you to a forest or a field. The Central Slovenia region, encompassing Ljubljana and 25 smaller municipalities, contains stunning natural beauty, superb cuisine, and scenic landscapes. Step off the beaten path and discover what lies just beyond Ljubljana's doorstep.

Peter Podobnik/Visit Ljubljana


Ana Pogačar/Visit Ljubljana

Velika Planina

Jošt Gantar/Visit Ljubljana

Kamniška Bistrica Valley

Jošt Gantar/Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana Marshes

Aleš Fevžer/Visit Ljubljana

Polhov Gradec

Jure Korber/Visit Ljubljana

Volčji Potok Arboretum

Jaka Ivančič/Visit Ljubljana

Županova Jama Cave

Aleš Fevžer/Visit Ljubljana

Terme Snovik Thermal Spa

Geoss Adventure Park/Visit Ljubljana

Geoss Adventure Park

Iztok Medja/Visit Ljubljana

Bogenšperk Castle & Museum

Jošt Gantar/Visit Ljubljana

Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra Castle

RTC Krvavec/Visit Ljubljana


Couple having lunch outdoors in Ljubljana Visit Ljubljana


Ljubljana's culinary scene embraces the use of local ingredients and traditional cooking methods, offering a diverse range of dishes. Slovene cuisine blends influences from the Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Alps, and the Pannonian Basin. If you are eager to dive into this diverse culinary landscape, don’t miss the Central Market. With a bit of luck, you might even witness one of the culinary events held outdoors during the warm months.

Kaval Group/Visit Ljubljana

Strelec Restaurant

Druga Violina/Visit Ljubljana

Druga Violina

Vander Hotel/Visit Ljubljana

Vander Urbani Resort

JB Restaurant/Visit Ljubljana

JB Restaurant

Žiga Koritnik

Hotel Slon

Gostilna na gradu/Visit Ljubljana

Gostilna na Gradu

Valvas'or/Visit Ljubljana


Sushimama/Visit Ljubljana


Sokol/Visit Ljubljana

Sokol Restaurant

TaBar/Visit Ljubljana


Hotel Cubo/Visit Ljubljana

Restaurant at Hotel Cubo

Güjžina/Visit Ljubljana


Christian Volpi/Visit Ljubljana


Most Restaurant/Visit Ljubljana

Most Restaurant

Šestica Restaurant/Visit Ljubljana


Marley & Me/Visit Ljubljana

Marley & Me

Špajza/Visit Ljubljana


Manna/Visit Ljubljana

Culinary House of Manna

Cubo Restaurant


Aleš Fevžer/Visit Ljubljana


Gostilna Mihovec/Visit Ljubljana

Gostilna Mihovec

Gostilna Repnik/Visit Ljubljana

Gostilna Repnik

Gostilna Belšak/Visit Ljubljana

Gostilna Belšak at Slavkov dom

Aleš Fevžer/Visit Ljubljana

Gostilna pri Kuklju

a couple at an outdoor table Visit Ljubljana


Relaxing and socialising in the outdoor bars and cafés in Ljubljana's old city centre is one of the city's most unique experiences. Those situated along the picturesque banks of the Ljubljanica are particularly popular.

Drew Jemmett/unsplash

Cha Tea House

Pritličje/Visit Ljubljana


TOZD/Visit Ljubljana

TOZD bar

Daktari/Visit Ljubljana


SEM Café/Visit Ljubljana


Kavarna Union/Visit Ljubljana

Union Café

Bojan Stepančič/Visit Ljubljana

Le Petit Café

Nebotičnik Bar/Visit Ljubljana

Nebotičnik Bar

Lolita/Visit Ljubljana


Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Grajska Kavarna

LP bar/Visit Ljubljana

LP Bar

Cacao/Visit Ljubljana


Zvezda/Visit Ljubljana

Kavarna Zvezda at Hotel Slon

Pri vodnjaku/Visit Ljubljana

Slaščičarna pri vodnjaku

Fetiche/Visit Ljubljana

Fetiche Patisserie & Fetiche Bar

Bars & Nightlife

Ljubljana is a lively city with plenty of clubs. Besides the regular ones playing electronic dance music, there are unique venues like Metelkova, known for its alternative scene, and popular Balkan folk parties among the youth. The old city centre is renowned for its laid-back vibe and numerous outdoor bars and cafés. On weekends, some transform into nightclubs, hosting DJ sets, wild parties and dance nights.

Marko Delbello Ocepek/Visit Ljubljana


Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana


Miha Fras/Visit Ljubljana

Kino Šiška


Harat's Pub

Pivnica Union/Visit Ljubljana

Union Pub

Cirkus klub/Visit Ljubljana

Cirkus Club

Lucija Seljak/Visit Ljubljana


Cutty Sark/Visit Ljubljana

Cutty Sark Pub

Klub K4/Visit Ljubljana

K4 Club

Orto bar/Visit Ljubljana

Orto Bar

Gostilna As/Visit Ljubljana

As Aperitivo

Visit Ljubljana


Ljubljana offers a wide selection of products by renowned brands as well as local producers. When in the old city centre, don’t forget to visit the Central Market as well as the occasional outdoor fair. The eastern edge of the city is also the location of one of the largest shopping complexes in Europe, BTC City.

BTC City/Visit Ljubljana

BTC City

Galerija Emporium/Visit Ljubljana

Galerija Emporium

Nama/Visit Ljubljana


B.Jakše and S.Jeršič/Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana Central Market

Maximarket/Visit Ljubljana


Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Open-air Markets along Ljubljanica

Kaylin Pacheco/unsplash

Rudnik Shopping Complex

Mercator/Visit Ljubljana

Mercator Center Ljubljana

Piranske soline/Visit Ljubljana

Piranske Soline

Porcelain Catbriyur/Visit Ljubljana

Porcelain Catbriyur

Branko Pilih/Visit Ljubljana

Steklarna Rogaška

Galerija idrijske čipke/Visit Ljubljana

Idrija Lace Gallery

Visit Ljubljana


Trgovina Ika/Visit Ljubljana

Trgovina Ika

Laura Etno galerija/Visit Ljubljana

Laura Etno Galerija

Zlatarna Celje/Visit Ljubljana

Zlatarna Celje

Ana Desetnica street theatre festival Visit Ljubljana


Ljubljana is famous for its year-round lively cultural events. Slovenia boasts extremely creative cultural production, while the city of Ljubljana also often hosts world-famous artists. One of Ljubljana’s specialties is a large number of free open-air events held on the streets and squares of the ancient city centre, especially during summer and the festive month of December.

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Open Kitchen (Odprta kuhna)

Tamra Langus/Visit Ljubljana

Lighting Guerrilla (Svetlobna gverila)

Stane Jeršič/Visit Ljubljana

Art Market Ljubljana

Druga godba/Visit Ljubljana

International Festival Druga Godba

Jana Jocif/Ljubljana Tourism

Ljubljana Wine Route

Dunja Wedam/Ljubljana Tourism

Ana Desetnica Festival

Sandi Fišer/Ljubljana Tourism

Ljubljana Festival

Bunker Productions/Ljubljana Tourism

Young Lions

Gert Jan van Rooij/Ljubljana Tourism

International Biennial of Graphic Arts

John Schaidler/unsplash

BIO — Biennial of Design Ljubljana

David Marcu/unsplash

City of Women

LIFFe - International Film Festival/Ljubljana Tourism

LIFFe — Ljubljana International Film Festival

Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

December in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Tourism

Tourist Information

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU)

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (Brnik) lies 26 kilometres from Ljubljana. A regular bus route, shuttles, private minibuses and taxis connect the airport to the city.

Address: Zgornji Brnik 130a


Phone: +386 4 206 10 00


More Information:

Public Transport

Public transport is provided by urban and suburban buses of Ljubljanski potniški promet (LPP).

The bus fare is paid via the Urbana stored-value card (card price €2.00 + bus fare). One bus fare equals €1.30. Changing buses within 90 minutes from purchase is free-of-charge.





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BicikeLJ Bicycle Sharing

The BicikeLJ system is comprised of numerous automatic bicycle rental terminals. Bicycle rental is free-of-charge, though restricted to one hour per bicycle. Before the hour expires, you can return the bicycle to the terminal and rent a 'fresh' one after five minutes.

The system may be used following an online registration which costs €1.00.





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Country code for Slovenia: +386
Regional code for Ljubljana: (0)1





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In Slovenia, power plugs and sockets in Slovenia are type F, with two round prongs/holes. The standard voltage is 220–230 V at a frequency of 50 Hz.





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